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Elevating Transporter+ Intensive Care Trolley

New Elevating Transporter+ Intensive Care Trolley

The Elevating Transporter+ Intensive Care Trolley was designed by Paraid, in collaboration with the Air Corps, Ambulance Service, clinical engineers and paediatric specialists to help improve newborn babies’ access to emergency care across Ireland.

The challenge:

Currently, there is no way of transporting aeromedical incubator systems by air and road that is small enough to fit in a variety of transport modes. As such, the National Neo-Natal Transport Programme was seeking a versatile, bespoke design for a single trolley to assist in the transport of infants, which was suitable for use in a variety of environments.

The trolley system used previously had several disadvantages – it was incompatible with a number of forms of transport, it was unable to reach the required height for transfers between ambulances and air transport, and it had the potential to malfunction or even stop working, due to its electrical operation or battery failure.

The solution:

The Elevating Transporter+ Trolley was designed to meet the various, specific requirements outlined by The National Neo-Natal Transport Programme. These included:

• The ability to raise and lower to a height that would allow patients to be smoothly transferred to/from different access-heights in a range of aircraft.

• Having the capability to fold down to a compact size for onward transportation (as cargo).

• Be strong and durable enough to support the transfer of patients, and accommodate the neonatal aeromedical system, weighing 140Kg, and two different securing methods.

• Be future-proof to deliver optimum return on investment in the long-term.

• Operate without any need for electrical power or battery supply.

The outcome:

Paraid met these challenging requirements specified by the National Neo-Natal Transport Programme in the form of the Elevating Transporter+ Intensive Care Trolley. The new Elevating Transporter+ Trolley has now been deployed across the whole of Ireland – and is used to support critical care patients, with approximately 50-60 air transports each year.

A member of the Product Development team explained: “We specialise in designing and manufacturing complex patient transportation trolley’s to support critically ill neonatal patients. It is testament to the collaborative approach taken, to have been able to create such a versatile trolley that will help to save young lives in Ireland for many years to come?”