Elevating Transporter+ Trolley

The Elevating Trolley provides a road transport solution for aeromedical systems. Designed to lock into front-line ambulance, two-part floor locks, the Elevating Trolley also folds-down, small enough to fit into the back of an EC135 helicopter. This means the Trolley can be flown with the aeromedical sled, allowing safe onward road transportation at the destination. The Elevating Trolley raises to a height of 1080mm from the floor, allowing smooth transition from trolley to helicopter/fixed wing aircraft.

  • Compact footprint for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Folds quickly for onward transportation and safe storage
  • Suitable for transfers in EC135, EC139 and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Receiver-bed can be tailored to suit a variety of aeromedical sleds for secure attachment
  • Constructed from a high-strength, lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Hydraulically operated foot-pedal removes any need for additional battery power
  • Servicing options available