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Bespoke Design Service


We understand that critical care environments differ and therefore the requirements of the equipment needed for transferring patients, can require a bespoke solution.

Our bespoke design service enables our clients to work with our award-winning and experienced R&D Team, to design products that meet their precise requirements and provide the optimum transfer solution.

Our Bespoke Design Experience

With over 40 years of UK design and manufacturing experience, Paraid is the leader in innovative medical transfer equipment, designed to assist in saving lives in medical emergencies. 

We work with NHS trusts, ambulance services and international partners, to produce bespoke neonatal, paediatric, and adult transfer equipment. We have a unique set of capabilities which come from a blend of in-house expertise, highly-skilled designers, field technicians and production teams ensuring we deliver solutions that meet the tough demands of any medical environment.

Looking for a bespoke solution?

Looking for a Bespoke Design Solution?

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