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Who we are

Over 40 years of
UK design & manufacturing experience

Paraid, a division of Evac+Chair International Ltd, is the leader in innovative and specialised transfer equipment, designed to assist in saving lives in medical emergencies, as well as assisting in the safe and dignified transfer of those with access barriers when travelling by air, sea or rail. 

At Paraid, we not only recognise the challenges associated with safely transferring people, we also understand that critical care environments differ and therefore, the requirements of the equipment needed for transferring patients can require a bespoke solution. We offer a Bespoke Design Service which enables our clients to work with our award-winning and experienced R&D Team, to design products that meet their precise requirements.

Our state-of-the-art UK headquarters enables us to design and manufacture products using world class technologies and processes. With in-house powder coating and textiles divisions, we can ensure the highest quality standards and meet the needs of our customers.

We source product components from local and UK businesses, which means we can ensure our products are of the highest quality standards and also have a low carbon footprint. We continually invest in our manufacturing capabilities.

What we offer

We work with NHS trusts, ambulance services and international partners, to produce bespoke and accredited patient transfer solutions.

At Paraid, we also provide an innovative range of transfer chairs to ensure a safe, dignified and inclusive travel experience for everyone.

We have a unique set of capabilities which come from a blend of in-house expertise, highly-skilled designers, field technicians and production teams ensuring we deliver solutions that meet the tough demands of travel and medical environment.


Our Vision

To be leaders in safe patient transfer, through innovation and close collaboration with our customers and partners. 

Our Mission

To understand the practical issues of transfer by listening and collaborating with major stakeholders, to provide specialist solutions – enabling a better outcome for the patient.


We solve customer problems
by finding
innovative solutions


Our success is built on positive relationships and working
as a team


We continuously learn and improve in all aspects of what we do. We stay flexible and adapt to change.


We deliver beyond our customer expectations and strive to make a difference every day