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Widest age and weight range paediatric harness in the world

The ACR is the widest age and weight range paediatric harness in the world. Designed to securely fasten paediatrics onto an ambulance stretcher, it provides a secure and safe means of patient transfer. This innovative, flexible harness system is crash tested to BS EN 1789 and easily attaches to any make or model of ambulance stretcher.

The ACR leaves the chest clear to enable CPR to be administered and is supplied as a set of four colour coded harnesses, accommodating a weight range of 2kg-45kg. Each harness has its own integrated wash bag for infection control and is supplied with a kit bag for storage.

✓  A secure, quick and safe method of fastening paediatrics onto an ambulance stretcher
✓  Reduces the need for multiple harness restraint kit bags within an ambulance
✓  Can be easily stored within an ambulance

Quick release straps

Leaves the chest clear, enabling CPR to be administered quickly. 

Breathable fabric

Designed in accordance with infection control guidelines.

Universal device

Compatible with any ambulance stretcher.

Weight range

Accommodates weight range of 2kg – 45kg/ 4lbs – 100lbs.

Colour coded

For easy selection of 4 different sizes.

  XS (grey) 2kg-5kg / 4lbs-11lbs – Age: Birth-1 month
  S (yellow) 5kg-12kg / 11.lbs-26lbs – Age: 1-18 months
  M (orange) 10kg-25kg / 22lbs-55lbs – Age: 18 months-7 years
  L (green) 20kg-45kg / 44lbs-100lbs – Age: 6-14 years


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