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Reducing internal transfer times by 50%

Designed to reduce medical device breakages and damage, whilst protecting patients and medical teams during inter-hospital transfer. The PET-T securely accommodates a wide range of medical equipment and its versatility allows medical teams, to arrange medical equipment in the optimum layout.

Providing clear visibility and accessibility it is proven to reduce internal transfer times by 50%.

  Safe inter-hospital transfer
 Accommodates a wide range of medical equipment
✓  Attaches to hospital bed

IV Pole

Telescopic poles x2 with 2 hooks on each for fluid bags,
maximum weight for each pole is 3kg.

2 x Medi-Rail

Holds up to 20kg of equipment each.

Medical Device Shelf

Supplied with straps to hold medical equipment with a payload
of up to 35kg, designed to provide multiple combinations for
organising equipment.

Power Delivery Unit

A power source for 12 independent pieces of equipment. The
mains cable is “break” protected to prevent damage to the wall
plug or the PET-T.

Cylinder Holder

Stores up to 3 cylinders: HX, E and CD sizes.

Full Height Grab Handles

Ergonomically designed to manoeuvre the trolley.

Adjustable Docking Lever

Secures the trolley to the hospital bed, the levers adjust when
the bed is positioned into place.

Braked Castor Wheel

To lock and secure trolley in place without risk of movement.


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