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Reduces movement during transfer

The Neo-Restraint is a harness system designed to safely secure neonates within an incubator. Designed as a result of collaboration with clinicians, the Neo-Restraint helps reduce movement and vibration.

Designed for neonates of 0.5kg-6kg, the Neo-Restraint comes in three sizes, colour coded for ease and is machine washable. It is compatible with all baby warming devices and is quick and easy to fit.

  Safe & secure
  Compatible with multiple incubators
  Compact storage

Soft Wedges

The wedges remove pressure points, wrapping over the
neonate for non-abrasive support.

Adjustable Straps

Easy to fit, fully adjustable straps wrap around the Neo-Restraint
bars, keeping the neonate secure.

Machine Washable

The Neo-Restraint can each be washed at 60˚C max temp. The
wash bags keep the Neo-Restraint together when washed.

Storage Bag

Provided to store the 3 individual wash bags.

Neo-Restraint Bars (SOLD SEPERATELY)

The bars fit inside the incubator, allowing the adjustable straps
to be fastened securely. Contact us for more information.


Colour coded and designed to secure neonates ranging in weight from 0.5kg to 6kg.

  Small (blue) 0.5kg – 1.5kg
  Medium (polar white) 1.2 – 4kg
  Large (lilac) 3.5 – 6kg

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