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Suitable for spiral stairs and where space is restricted.

The Ibex is a robust two-person operation transfer chair. With a payload capacity of 159kg, it is designed for ascent and descent transfers and is suitable for narrow and spiral staircases. The manual brake system and telescopic handle are both adjustable, enabling operators to control the Ibex.

 Easy to use
  Two-person operation
  Quick and easy to set up
  Compact design

Telescopic extendable handle

For comfortable and safe operator positioning and control.

Detachable seat and backrest

Easy to clean and simple to replace if damaged or worn.

Adjustable passenger chest straps

For patient safety.

Adjustable brake

For controlled descent whatever the patient payload.

Stainless steel frame construction

Strong, robust design.

Front grab handles

Provides control for second person.

Foot strap

Secures passengers feet.

Unique track belt system

Helps control smoothness and speed of ascent/descent.

✓  Patient chest straps
✓  Patient leg strap
 User guide
 Wall hooks


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